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20 + 10 stuffs that totally made my year

20+10 stuffs that made my year

to celebrate the end of the year, here is my entry for challenge 25 : year end list @ picspammy 

Well, 2010 has been a pretty good year, with tons and tons of stuffs I enjoyed, here what came to my mind when I tought of 2010 !

not in a preference order, kinda more in the order I watched them, starting during summer, when I spent a loot of time catching up on shows ^^

1. Avatar : the last airbender = what a great show ! I've heard a lot about it on internet, and when I finally get around to watch it, it was a really good surprise. Really funny, heartwarming and pretty

2.Parenthood : as soon I begun to watch it, I fell in love with this family. It's not an action-packed show, but all the actor and the characters are awesome, the interactions between them feel real and sincere and they adress issues like Asperger syndrom in a very interesting way. Plus, it's created by Jason Katims, who made Friday Night Lights, a sign of quality ^^

3.Misfits : oh, Misfits ! such a crazy show, full of win ^^catched up on season 1 in like, 2 days during summer, and kept getting smacked in the head by it. It's fun, it's a bit gore, it's silly but very assumed, and the cast is just fantastic. I can't believe we have to wait for almost a year for the next season ><

4.Grey's Anatomy : I let it down for quite a time because of season 4, but the cross overs ep with privacte practice during season 5 made me fall back into it, mostly because of Owen and Cristina. So basically, since season 5. I can't really say that I care about Meredith that much, but it's full of funny and emotional moments for the rest of the cast, and they really know what they're doing with the story, wich we can forget until ep like the seasons finales come to kick your ass, and you're just hooked

5.Private Practice : the end of the last season and this one are really intense, and I keep getting punched in the guts by it. Over and over. And yet it's still so pretty.

6.Cougar Town : oh, you, silly, silly show ! They really have found their pace with season 2, and it's just plain and damn hilarious. Forget the title, and enjoy this bunch of crazies.

7.Modern Family : I don't really know what I can say that haven't already been said, it's just freakin' funny

8.Hawaii Five-0 : let's get it straight : I probably wouldn't have watched it if it wasn't for Alex O,Loughlin. But oh, oh, I don't regret it ! I am, as I'm talking to you, obsessed with it. IT'S SO PRETTY, I'M GONNA DIE (and I'm mostly not talking about the scenery). It's funny, it's action packed, and gosh, the chemistry between Alex and Scott Caan is off the roof ! They're already making joke in it about the two characters getting married. MUST happens, right ?

9.Friday Night Lights : my dear, dear, favorite show, you're sooo back this year. I gotta tell you, they're gonna end on a pretty high note. They really managed to evolve and change, but still keeping everything that make it what it is : heart, great actors and characters, really interesting storylines, football, and this way they have to make you fell in love with everything, especially the characters. I just want to hug them, until I crush their bones.

10.Castle : I can't say that's the invistigations that keep me hooked, it's rarelly surprising... On the other hand, the characters are just great, I love how the writers winks at us with little references, and of course, the SHIP ^^ So yeah, it's always a pleasure to watch it

Also : 10 Things I Hate About You ( I'm really into it, but it's more a 2009 thing for me, even if it -sadly- ended this year) The Middle (really, really funny), Chuck, Glee, Parks and Recreation, Skins, The Big Bang Theory.....

11.MUMFORD & SONS (yes, they deserve caps lock) : I fall in love rapidly and irremediably with them at the end of summer, heard about their gig in Paris, only to discover it was already sold out, before paying an indecent amout of money for ticket on Ebay. Not a single regret, it was one of my best gig ever, I was on the front row, and I got to meet the boys (except for Ted, big disappointment, is my favorite ^^). Their music is great, trully unique, always get me in a good mood, and they're a really sweet bunch of guy, adorable with the fans and funny (you have to hear Marcus's laugh, it's pure magic XD)

12.Shout Out Louds - Work : love them, love their new album, loved them in concert (the audience was so crazy that Bebban cried. Twice XD)

13.Rooney - Eureka : my boys ! We waited quite a long time for this, but it was worth it ! Their songs are as catchy and sunny as always. I wasn't disappointed. I'm just waiting for them to come back to Paris, it's been a while, and they already went to Germany ><. But I'm gonna mis Matt, who left the band to become a doctor (yeah, kinda hard to be mad at him ^^")

14.The Weepies - Hideaway (and all their albums) : my feel-good music, I love them ^^

15.Arcade Fire - The Suburbs : I was late to catch that train, but I'm glad I did !

16.The Beatles - Everything : Not a discovery from this year, but they're such a constant in my life, I couldn't leave them out. I just love them to bits, they're a part of who I am.

17.Band Of Horses - Their entire discography : Once I heard their second album, I had to listen to the rest. I can't wait to see them in february ! I love the "dreamy" feel of their music.

18.Dave Grohl ( Them Crooked Vulture, and most of all Foo Fighters) : he's, quite simply, my god. I'm not sure I can explain why, but I just admire him, and Foo Fighters are a favorite of mine. I saw him with Them Crooked Vulture, and I was just glad to be in the same room as him. He's really intense, and fun, the kind of guy you want to call Dude and get beer drunk with.

Also : Florence + The Machine, Pearl Jam, Death Cab For Cutie, The Wombats, Radiohead...

19.10 things I hate about you - Kat & Patrick : my favorite thing about this short-lived show :(. What a shame that it was cancelled ! It was funny, light, pretty clever and full of pretty people. I love Kat and Patrick together, the bickering and the chemistry, and how they balance each other.

20.Grey's Anatomy - Owen & Cristina : OTP, oh my OTP . The main reason I watch GA. I always loved Cris, and I'm so glad she found him. I love them together, how in love they are, and stick together through everything, even when they made mistakes. And I love how Owen have a fresh look on Seattle Grace, the other doctors and their stories... I love them, I love both of the characters and if the writers decided to make an episode, or a season focused on them, talking, laughing, going at it like rabbits and making tons of babies, I would be the happiest fangirl ever.

21.Hawaii five-0 - Steve & Danny "Danno" : oh you two ! you're the only one ignoring how much you just want to rip each other clothes. You have to watch to understand the epicness of them together, Steve dragging Danny in impossible situations while he bitches about it, but still call him "babe", 'cause that's what he is. And how Danny complain about Steve always taking off his shirt, just to mask how he likes it. And even the actors looks like they're going to kiss the hell of each other in the middle of interviews. If you want to squee like a lunatic while smiling like a fool, you need to watch this show.

22.Kevin McKidd : the man responsible for my red-haired love. The smile, the baby-blue eyes, the accent... what's not to like ? Plus, he seems pretty adorable. Oh, and the arms, gosh !

23.Alex O'Loughlin : does it really need an explication ? Because, really, I would eat him on crakers. He's gorgeous, he's australian, and he's an adorable goofball making stuffs up about Australia when interviewed. He's hilarious (go watch him here, talking about the time he pitched a baseball game )

24.Harry Potter, the books and the movie : Part one of the "stuffs" explication : I had a Potterfever this year, I reread all the books during summer, and even if I wasn't a big fan of the movies, I was really excited for this one, and I loved it. So it was really more about Harry Potter than stricly the movies. Harry was really present this year. I also read and loved Harry, a History, making me so glad to have been part of this : I really hope to be able to talk about it to my kids one day. I also had a lot of fun reading the first one to my little cousin and watching him get into it.

25.Guillaume Canet and his movie, Les Petits Mouchoirs : I love him as an actor and a director. There was a lot of promotion in France around the movie, and it really lived up to my expectation. The cast is fantastic, and the story is really, really well written. And I was just glad to see Marion Cottillard and him work together, they're great as a couple. He's a good guy, and you can feel how much of himself he put in his movie (he wrote and directed it. He even planned to play in it at the start), he really talk about it as his baby. To show how he care about it : on the first day of release, he raced all around Paris with his cast to present the movie, as a surprise to the audience ! (I had the pleasure to be at one of the screenings, and it was great to see him and the cast, so glad to be there, and happy about the movie, eager to share it)

26.Raiponce : what a good surprise ! I wasn't expecting much, but I really got a disney feeling out of this one. The little girl in me loved it. Max! Pascal! <3

I saw a tons of movies I liked this year, but that's the one that sticked more with me. I'm almost ashamed at how short my list is, as a student in cinema. ^^

27.Charlie McDonnell : he's the first vloger that I don't get bored of. He's funny, geeky, and can sing. And, well, not to hard to look at ^^

28.JK Rowling : god, how I love the woman ! I worship her. I watched her speech in Harvard (I think) and it gave me goosebump, I watched the documentary "A Year In The Life" and just wanted to hug her, and the interview with Oprah ! So good ! She's a genuinely good personn, she love Harry as much as the fan, and she's never got bigheaded, she's just thankful for everything.

29. Trips : I have to say that it was a pretty intense year on this subject ! I went to Quebec to visit a friend, and it was great . I saw Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa, and loved it. I had the "real" Canadian experience : Hockey game and dog sleigh ^^. Later, I went to Irland with a friend, and I fall in love with the place and the people. We had a great time, visiting Dublin and Galway, and going out at night. I was amazed at how good the musicians are there, it's not a myth !
Finally, I went to Tanzania for a safari : a dream come true for the Lion King fan kid in me. Landscape were stunning, and seeing all this animals so close was breathtaking.

30. TEH INTERNETZ : because let's face it, I spend most of my time on it. It can make me laugh so much, and sometimes, it gets me so well (cf the flirting chart). So yeah, I'm getting married to you, you little time consuming minx !

so YAY, that's pretty much it ! Now, let's see what 2011 have in store for us ! :3

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